Route66 Cafe

We are a Dog Friendly Cafe.


All day breakfast square slice, black pudding, bacon, tomato, mushrooms, egg, beans (roll or toast) £3.90

Chicken Curry & Rice £3.90

Filled Rolls £1.90 (Add 60p for a doubler)

Baked potatoes £2.60 (extra filling 60p)

Salad Box £2.50 (add ham, tomatoes or anything else for 60p)

Wraps £1.90 (salad and cheese) or £2.50 (meat filling)

Toasties £2.50

Soup £1.60

Sandwich £2.50 burgers £2.50 (Cheese 30p Bacon 60p)

Try own tortilla melts £2.90 a choice of chicken or beef fried with peppers, onions. Put in a warp with mozzarella and cheese and BBQ sauce. Folded and Toasted

Steak baguette, Scottish beef and onion £2.90 (fried and covered in gravy in a toasted baguette)

Hot Dog and a can £2

Opens Weekdays from 7:30am weekends from 9am.

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