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Course Overview

The Short cut to riding the bike of your dreams, simply train to ride on a 650cc motorcycle to test level. On completion of your test you have the freedom to ride any size bike you choose.

Course Requirements

You will have completed your CBT and hold a valid DL196 Certificate.  Entry to this course will include the First DAS course. We are in Mod 2 test area.

Module one

Module one includes the following specified manoeuvres and generally takes around 60 minutes to complete:
  • wheeling the machine and using the stand
  • doing a slalom and figure of eight
  • cornering, hazard avoidance and controlled stop
  • U-turn
  • a slow ride
  • the emergency stop
  • Introduction ride to on road riding and Mod 2
There is a minimum speed requirement of 50 kilometers per hour (approximately 32 miles per hour) for the hazard avoidance and emergency stop exercises.

What You will Need For Your Mod 1 Training:

You will need a provisional or full UK driving license, and your valid CBT certificate (DL196) and completed First DAS training. You will need to bring your license every time you train at Route 66 as well as your CBT certificate.

Due to COVID you will need to bring a helmet, bring suitable leather motorcycle gloves or purchase a pair at Route 66 on the day. You must wear boots that cover your ankles.

Dress for the occasion. If you have your own motorcycle gear wear it! Its the best protection against the elements. If Not heavy denim jeans and warm layered clothing, we suggest some waterproofs too in case it rains.

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