ITM (Introduction to motorcycling Course)

ITM is a 2 hour introduction course, to give new riders experience before the CBT

  • Focus on the core skills and controls of riding a motorcycle
  • Experience the fun and freedom before committing to the CBT course
  • Learn the basics of clutch and gear controls
  • Not a valid licence to ride on the road.

What you'll learn

Introduction to basics of motorcycle controls and handling

You'll learn how a motorcycle works; the controls, maintenance and safety checks you should conduct before riding including how to move and park your bike.

How to safely ride and control a scooter or motorcycle

The instructor will start from scratch and teach you the core skills of how to stop, start, turn and brake. You'll also learn the basic observations you should make and spend time learning clutch control and gear changing (on a manual motorcycle).


In order to take the Introduction to motorcycling course, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have the correct licence card: UK driving, UK provisional or EU licence with UK counterpart licence number. Photocopies or images are not accepted.
  • Be able to read a registration plate from 20.5 metres
  • Speak and understand English and the Highway code
  • Be able to ride an adult sized bicycle
  • Wear suitable clothing including thick trousers (such as jeans) and leather boots

What you can ride after

The introduction to motorcycling course is not a valid licence, so you are not legally entitled to ride a motorcycle on the road after the course. The next step is to complete the CBT course to be able to ride on the road.

Course details

The introduction motorcycle lesson follows the same format as the beginning of the CBT. Introducing you to the most basic skills and techniques you will need to ride a motorcycle and progress on to the CBT.
This includes the controls of the motorcycle, how to sit and balance yourself on a motorcycle, how to put the motorcycle on its stand and take it off again too, clutch control and gear selection and how to ride and turn the motorcycle.
It's a relaxed and introductory session designed to give you a taster of what riding on two wheels is like.
The course is ideal for anyone looking to practice riding ahead of taking the CBT, especially for new riders planning to ride a geared motorcycle with no previous experience

The Course is £100 and takes Two Hours to complete. You can book the course by clicking here



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